Stuff For Sale

Thai Massage Mat set w/ 2 kneeling pads, 2 bolsters, and positioning pillow and case- $225
Mixed lot face cradle covers- flannel, cotton, and moisture barriers - $15
Oakworks slate blue bolster - $15
Grounding Mat (new) - 'Grounded Beauty' - $25

Massage Chairs

Oakworks Portal Pro - Light Grey - $75
(small tear in arm rest, foam in chest bolster filling has been replaced to be more comfortable)
Massage Chair w/ case - Brown - $50
(looks similar to the NRG Grasshopper style, brand unknown) 
NRG Grasshopper Massage Chair - Green - $40
(Some wear on chest pad, pillow but no face cradle. Face cradle can be replaced for about $30)

Mother Earth Pillows

Med-Grade Body Wrap - $40
Sinus Pillow - $20
Little Comfort Heart Pillow - $20

See something you are interested in? Send me a message.

Pictures are available on request.