September 10, 2019

What does "trauma-informed" massage therapy mean?

Calliope Massage Studio is a body positive, diversity-friendly, queer-friendly, trans-affirming, trauma informed practice.

What does trauma-informed massage therapy mean?

Trauma-informed means a client-centered approach to massage therapy. It is collaborative and acknowledges that you are the expert on your body.

As the massage therapist, I bring my expertise in anatomy, the nervous system, methods of relaxation, knowledge of how pain works, and how many bodies work, to help navigate. Ultimately the session is determined by what feels good to your body. Your feedback on what feels comfortable, what is uncomfortable, and what works for you is very important and always listened to. We are here to listen, to validate, and to facilitate relief.

During the intake:

Our intake forms are pretty comprehensive, they help make sure we can give you the best experience every time you come in and that we start from a place of being informed about your health.  Right at the top, we ask for every client’s pronouns, and what you preferred to be called. We start without assumptions and ask for you to tell your story.

On the table:

When we say "undress to your comfort level", we truly mean that. This could mean completely disrobing or leaving a few pieces of clothing on- in that case you'd be fully draped* with a sheet- or you can even remain fully clothed! There are lots of effective approaches that can be done fully clothed using heat, compression, and stretching. The most important thing is for you to feel safe and comfortable for your entire session.

There is nothing therapeutically necessary that should cause you to be uncomfortable or in pain. Pressure, temperature, and positioning can be easily adjusted to fit your needs. You may ask to stop any treatment at any time.

Even if you don’t identify as having a trauma history you will benefit from this approach by trusting that safety, communication and transparency will always be there. Perhaps you’ve had a bad day, or you have a complicated relationship with your body or a part of your body, or you just want to be assured that you will be listened to. When we treat the person, the results are amazing. The greater your overall comfort, the greater your relaxation and/or pain relief.

*Draping means your body is securely covered with a sheet, and only when an area is being massaged is it uncovered. This is how draping covers your body: