May 30, 2020

Virtual Appointments at Calliope

What is a virtual massage routine and what would I get out of one?

We offer routines of two lengths, 20 and 45 minutes, for guided self-massage, stretching, and relaxation techniques focused on you. These sensory exercises help you feel better on the inside of yourself and to move better after.

The 20 minute routine is great for a midday pick-me-up or the 45 minute routine offers a full body experience for deeper relaxation.

What you'll get out of this:

self-care accountability: Sometimes you just need to set aside the time to take care of yourself.

a guide for addressing your aches and tension: I'm here to walk you through a series of movements to calm your nervous system. You might find yourself without your usual route of care, or your change in work environment and the weight of the world might be causing you more challenges in your body.

tools to use on your own time: Many of the movements I'll show you in these videos can be done on your own without facilitation. You may find bits and pieces that feel good incorporated into a daily routine.

"motion is lotion": Not enough variation of movement, or too much of one kind of movement can contribute to discomfort in your body.

time to connect with your body: Maybe you are feeling too much alone time right now, too much time in your head, or just feeling disconnected. Making a point to set aside a chunk of time to experience deliberate, positive. physical sensory input can make you feel better and more grounded.

you are in the driver's seat:  You are the expert on your body. Pain science research into the nervous system shows that having space to articulate your experience goes a long way towards feeling better.