May 20, 2022

Physio Radio Nepal Podcast

I recently had the opportunity to 'sit down' with Bijay Poudel, a physiotherapist in Nepal, to discuss how trauma informed care can be applied in touch centered fields like physiotherapy and massage therapy.

The podcast is in Nepali and English, so for those in the audience who are not fluent in both, the questions I answered were:

1) Could you tell my audience how did you incorporate Trauma Informed Care in your practice both at a clinical level and an organizational level?

2) I read somewhere that Trauma Informed Care isn't a separate clinical skill set that you perform during a set time but it is a shift in paradigm. Could you elaborate more on this?

3) One of the most important principles of Trauma Informed Care is collaboration between service providers and service seekers. Collaboration also entails levelling power differences. In the context of Nepal, both clinicians and clients engage in a clinical interaction from a perceived place of power and powerlessness respectively. How do we begin to decrease power discrepancy and create an environment where collaboration can be facilitated?

A link to the podcast starting at my interview is here: