February 17, 2022

Book your massage therapy appointments before March 19

To all my wonderful clients:

It is time to publicly announce that I will be closing Calliope Massage Studio in it's current form on March 19, 2022.

It's been a great 7 years, and while I am sad about losing the connections I've made with you all over the years, this is a decision that I am ultimately excited about. It is time to embark on a new chapter, and help people in a different way.

Having to close during the beginning of the pandemic put a lot of things in perspective. It made me acutely aware of the vulnerability of an in-person, service based business, and the time and energy spent navigating the increased level of risk for my clients, myself, and my family does not feel sustainable.

That closure also pushed me to start a second business, Calliope Insights, helping small businesses like mine create and communicate with website development, branding, and written content and helping touch-based businesses make their practices more trauma informed. Rather than giving only half my energy and time to each- I'm ready to focus on one.

I am so grateful I was able to reopen this last year and reconnect with so many of you and to meet many new folks as well. I appreciate you all so much. I've really enjoyed getting to know you, and I value the the pieces of yourselves and your lives that you've shared with me.

Going forward...

I hope that you continue to incorporate massage therapy in your life. I will have a number of vetted referrals listed on my website as our time comes to a close, and I will continue to be available to make more specific referrals if you reach out looking for something in particular.

For those of you in touch-based businesses, I am now available as a consultant to support you in making your practice more trauma-informed.

Remember a few things:

Massage should feel good, helpful, and positive (or at least neutral).

Light pressure and heavy pressure have the same therapeutic value, it just matters what feels good to your body.

Your experience should be the ultimate determining factor in a massage session. Find someone who respects your feedback, and works 'with' you, not 'on' you.

Rest assured, I will continue taking appointments until March 19- so I'm not done yet. I will also remain available for questions, recommendations, and consulting after that date.

Thank you again for your time, your trust, and your business.

- Halley