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Halley Moore


I created Calliope Massage Studio in 2015 as a body positive, queer friendly, trans* affirming, trauma informed practice. 
After 16 years in the hospitality industry, the idea of creating an experience designed around the specific needs of a client came as second nature. My desire for an evidence based practice led to extensive study about the science behind the pain experience.

Now, 7 years later, I'm moving away from working directly with clients. The best projects evolve. A business degree, experience running two successful small businesses, and a global pandemic inspired me to focus on how I can help support other touch-based businesses in becoming trauma informed. 


  • 7 years as a licensed massage therapist providing nervous system focused, trans* affirming, trauma informed care
  • Alive and Well Communities trained Ambassador and Trauma Awareness Instructor
  • Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB) 2019 Course Development Advisory Panel
  • Referral Partner for Pride STL and Metro Trans Umbrella Group
  • Over 200 hours of continuing education focused on the nervous system, trauma, and transgender/gender-expansive care
  • Bachelor's of Science in Business
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Trauma-informed means a client-centered approach to touch-based care. It is collaborative and acknowledges that are the client is the expert on their body.

As a massage therapist, I brought my expertise in anatomy, the nervous system, methods of relaxation, knowledge of how pain works, and how many bodies work, to help navigate. Ultimately the session is determined by what feels good to their body. The client's feedback on what feels comfortable, what is uncomfortable, and what works for them is the foundation of the therapeutic relationship.

We, as the practitioners, are here to listen, to validate, and to facilitate relief.

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